New Feature: Email alerts for dropped domains

If you’ve seen a domain name in any of our drop lists and would like to know the moment that it drops then our latest feature is right up your street.  With a single mouse-click it’s now possible to watch add any registered domain to a watch list so that you’ll be emailed the second that it drops.  You can add domains from search pages as well as the droplists that we publish.  It’s quick, simple and really easy to use but it’s only available to subscribers so if you haven’t tried out our service yet, now’s a great time to try […]

New Feature: Quick registration links

If you’re browsing through the lists of dropped domains and a particular domain catches your eye and you want to register it we’ve made it easier by adding a ‘Register’ link which takes you to a list of commonly used domain registrars.  The links can be found on the daily list of dropped domains as well as within the search results.  Simply choose your prefered domain registrar and you’ll be taken to their site.  In the background (in most cases) we’ll send over the domain name so that you don’t even need to type it in on their website. We’ve got […]

New feature: RSS feed of dropped domains

When we switched over to the new version of we checked the usage of the RSS feed of dropping domains and noticed that no-one used it.  Or so we thought !  Several emails later and it became clear that we need to re-instate the RSS feed so that’s exactly what we’ve done.

CAPTCHA introduced on search form

We’ve had a few users on the free trial abusing by running loads of automated searches against the historic database of more than 1 million dropped domains in an attempt to extract all domains from it. Since this slows the entire site down for paying subscribers I’ve had to introduce a CAPTCHA on the search form. Ordinary users won’t see it but if you’re running lots of searches then you will.  Apologies for this but it should impact proper users in a small way whilst preventing the number of users intent on abusing the site in a much greater way.  Anyone […]

New Feature: Domain counts now shown on navigation calendar

We’ve been asked to show how many domains have dropped each day and how many remain so we’ve added this feature to the navigation calendar that’s found within the members area.  It allows members, at a glance, to see how many domains have dropped and how many remain for each day.  For Silver and Gold members who get access to the list of dropping domains either 7 or 21 days in advance, it shows just how many will drop on each day.

Bug Fix: dropping domain list sometimes empty

We’ve just fixed a bug where the downloadable list of dropping domains was empty for dates where the day of the month was less than or equal to nine.  Apologies to any users that were affected by this bug.  If you’ve downloaded any lists of dropping domains that may be affected by this bug you’ll need to download them again.

UK domains are dropping once again

True to their word, Nominet have resumed the domain dropping process just after 8 am this morning.  A handful of domains dropped in the early hours presumably whilst they tested out the new software release.  At the time of writing just 80 or so domains have dropped with more than 6,500 queued up from the last few days.  All members can see the list of domains as they drop here whilst Silver and Gold Members can see (and download) the full list of domains left to drop.

Domain drops temporarily suspended by Nominet

Nominet, the organisation that controls .UK domains, is currently experiencing a system outrage as they roll out a new release of their software which manages dropping domains.  The outage has lasted from 6:30 am on June 10th and is expected to last for 48 hours until 6:30 am on June 12th.  Domains will begin to drop again at 8 am on June 12th.

Welcome to the new look UDN

If you’re a current subscriber from the old site thank you for sticking with us as we transition across to the new version of (UDN). If you’re a former subscriber that’s come back to take a look around then thank you as well.  The old version of UDN was getting very long in the tooth and was placing an increasing strain on the server that it ran on so, having put it off for as long as I could, I had to rewrite it from scratch.